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What's New

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This page will have latest updates (updated since August 2020) about WinCAAT Suite of Software and Solutions. Please bookmark this page to get updated on the latest happenings at WinCAAT.


  • We are conducting series of webinar on "Automate to Accelerate Progress" and "Learn2CAAT for Effective Assurance & Compliance". You can register for Upcoming webinars page.
  • You can watch recorded webinars from webinars page.
  • You can watch recording of videos of demo of WinCAAT Software from Videos page.
  • Webinar conducted by our Managing Director CA. Abdul Rafeq for team from Ernst & Young on “Data Analytics using eCAAT Ent” (8th Sep. 2020)
  • Training (4 hours) on eCAAT Pro was successfully conducted by CA. E.Narasimhan for Second Batch of 38 participants from Varma and Varma on 10th and 11th Sep. 2020
  • A brief presentation on Overview of Data Analytics and eCAAT was provided by our Managing Director CA. Abdul Rafeq to Participants of Training from Varma & Varma (10th Sep. 2020)
  • Training (4 hours) on eCAAT Pro successfully was conducted by CA. E.Narasimhan for first batch of 36 participants from Varma and Varma on 4th and 5th Sep. 2020
  • A brief presentation on Overview of Data Analytics and eCAAT was provided by our Managing Director CA. Abdul Rafeq to Participants of Training from Varma & Varma (4th & 5th Sep. 2020)
  • eCAAT was covered in a webinar by CA. E.Narasimha at “Virtual CPE Meeting on Ecaat - Audit Tool and Add-on to Excel & Power BI - MIS and Reporting Tool” for Borivili CPE Study Circle. (29th Aug. 2020)
  • eCAAT was covered in a Webinar by CA E.Narasimhan for Bombay Chartered Accountants Association on “Using Analytics to optimise Audit”(29th Aug. 2020)

Products & Solutions

  • Latest update of eCAAT Ent, eCAAT Pro, T-CAAT & E2Tally-Soft was made available to customers for download. (1st Mar. 2021).
  • Latest update of eCAAT Ent, eCAAT Pro, T-CAAT & E2Tally-Soft was made available to customers for download. (1st Feb. 2021).
  • Updated software with some new features and rectification of errors is made available to customers for eCAAT Ent, eCAAT Pro, T-CAAT, e2Tally-Soft. (1st Jan. 2021)
  • Purchase price is updated on the website with the latest pricing of all available software for both national and international.(1st Oct. 2020)
  • Online payment options through multiple payment options through instamojo have been added for customers to make direct payment and place orders online.(1st Oct. 2020)
  • Accepting persistent demands, we have added an option to request for a Free Trial offer to enable online requests for a free 7-day trial offer for all our software.(1st Oct. 2020)
  • eCAAT Pro (a professional version of eCAAT primarily aimed for CAs and their teams) was launched (11th Sep. 2020).
  • Latest update of eCAAT, T-CAAT & E2Tally-Soft was made available to customers for download. This special update on the auspicious occasion of the 19th Anniversary of WinCAAT solutions included access to customer portal and a free Trouble-shooter software. (11th Sep. 2020)
  • New Pricing Policy with special discount for CAs announced for customers. This was based on customer feedback to make solutions more affordable. (7th Sep. 2020)
  • eCAAT has renamed as eCAAT Ent with the expected launch of eCAAT Pro. (5th Sep. 2020)
  • Latest update of E2Tally-Soft was made available to customers for download (9th Sep. 2020).
  • Latest update of eCAAT & T-CAAT was made available to customers for download (1st Sep. 2020).
  • Latest update of eCAAT, T-CAAT & E2Tally-Soft was made available to customers for download. (1st Aug. 2020).

Upcoming Products

We are constantly at work to leverage the POWER of digITal information by understanding the edifice and rules for effective deployment of the right tools.

Technology continues to grow at an alarming pace. Wincer believes in keeping pace with the technology by offering innovative products and solutions using the latest technology to meet the growing needs of its customers. You can learn all about the upcoming products on this page. You can also contribute your ideas on new products based on your current and future needs.

We are pleased to announce that the following software are expected to be released in Oct. 2020:

SoftCAAT Ent & SoftCAAT Pro

SoftCAAT Enterprise Product Logo SoftCAAT Pro Product Logo

Wincer is pleased to announce SoftCAAT Pro, an independent audit software designed to enhance audit productivity and help auditors in providing better assurance and value addition to their clients. SoftCAAT is engineered with the right features and functionality for audit. It is designed from an audit perspective by auditors and for auditing. It is built in the familiar Windows GUI platform with extensive audit functionality. The ease of use and simplicity with which one can learn SoftCAAT makes it an invaluable component of the audit-KIT (Knowledge Inference Tool). These features empower auditors to not only meet the challenges of auditing technology from diverse IT environments but also create new avenues of assurance and consulting. SoftCAAT has a host of best-of-breed features specially designed for data access, investigation and analysis which make it imperative for auditors to use it in auditing in a Technology environment.


Whatever be the accounting software used, whether it is Tally or SAP, most CAs and Accountants spend considerable time in preparing the final accounts in Schedule III format. The Trial balance available generally in MS Excel is used by manually linking and mapping to the relevant annexures, sub-schedules, schedules, Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss or Income & Expenditure account. The changes have to be carefully updated and it is always a challenge to ensure that the final accounts are tallied although the TB is tallied.

TB2ScheduleIII software is an add-in to MS Excel which facilitates you to create master details of the company, directors, auditors, financial year, etc and import the trial balance. Once the TB in MS Excel is opened in the software, each of the line items can be mapped at ledger or parent level to relevant annexure, sub-schedule, schedule as relevant. The mapping done by the user is saved to generate the Final Accounts with all annexures as per standard format of Schedule III with linkages in Excel. The user can open the TB and remap if required and also the auto mapping or use previous mapping.


ProCAAT Logo Image

ProCAAT is a web app primarily designed for CA firms. It covers the entire life cycle of service management of all key processes in a professional office and enterprise. Using ProCAAT, you can help you to manage your clients, employees & services, get timely alerts & reminders about assignments and get escalations & notifications as per pre-defined timelines.

ProCAAT provides you with bird’s eye view of various stages of service deliverables for your clients, rendered by members of your team, through dynamic charts & reports.

ProCAAT has a user-friendly interface with simple in-built standard and customised processes. It facilitates proactive management of services to your clients and effective monitoring of the performance of all services/staff.

Key Features

ProCAAT has everything CA/Prof. firms needs for Automation of Office Management.

  • Manage your Firm: Manage your Firm by configuring organisation structure with specific access rights, working days/holidays/leave request and approval, attendance and resources.
  • Manage Services life cycle: Manage Services life cycle with deliverables and task-list for each category/type of service.
  • Manage Client Life Cycle: Manage client life cycle including inquiry, creation, service request, delivery of service and invoicing based on time or fixed.
  • Manage Assignments:Manage all type of assignments of any type of services, compliances or consulting with detailed task-list, timelines and deliverables and monitor for timely execution.
  • Reminders: Timely reminders through escalation and notification.
  • Notifications: Manage your clients, staff, services / compliances through timely notifications.


We are pleased to welcome the following customers as members of WinCAAT Family. We thank you for your continued support.

  • Mukesh Raj and Co. Delhi
  • Mazars Business Advisors Pvt. Ltd. (Renewal), Mumbai
  • M/s Arjun S Raghav and Co. Mumbai
  • M/s. Bhansali & Shah. Mumbai
  • M/s. Varma & Varma, (42 Licenses of eCAAT Pro for Multiple locations)
  • M/s. Mark D'Souza & Co. Bangalore
  • M/s. Saju & Padmanabhan (Renewal), Trivandrum
  • M/s. Bharat Dhonde & Co., Palghar
  • M/s. M. Bhaskara Rao & Co., Telengana
  • M/s. Varma & Varma, (Multiple locations, special license for training)
  • M/s. Madhur Goel & Associates, Delhi
  • M.S.Mehta & Associates (Renewal), Uttar Pradesh
  • M/s. Ken & Co (renewal), Bangalore
  • M/s. B.R.Gupta & Co., New Delhi
  • M/s. A K Sabat and Co., Hyderabad
  • M/s. Borkar and Mazumdar, Mumbai
  • M/s. VCAS & Co., Surat
  • CA. Ajit Bharathan, Calicut
  • M/s. Mahesh Chandra & Associates, Mumbai
  • M/s. Hiregange & Associates (Bangalore, Hyderabad & Chennai)


  • Our website has been updated to showcase the latest solution offerings and more info about our solution offerings. (14th Sep. 2020)
  • Customer Log in is enabled for WinCAAT customers to view status of licenses (active/surrendered) and have access to software updates, online help and videos (11th Sep. 2020)
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