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Wincer Infotech Limited


Technology may fail when you need it the most. You can bank on us as we will always be available to provide the right support.

Wincer strongly believes in customer delight by providing workable and innovative solutions to Data Analytics and BI issues and requirements of its customers. Our customers get access to online training with extensive documents for the software solutions purchased by them. We also conduct regular public training programs where participants can learn the latest concepts and practice of Data Analytics/BI using our software. We also offer customised training programs for our customers from corporate  and public sector.

Our support is available in following ways:

  1. Telephonic support during office hours.
  2. Email support: All queries are answered promptly.
  3. Remote support: Our trained staffs take remote control of your system with your permission to resolve issues.
  4. On-site support: Our executives visit your office to provide support

In the near future, we will be offering online net support and online chat facility with our team of trained experts.

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