Amplify Value Of Assurance Automated Solutions Of WinCAAT

What is T-CAAT Pro?

  • One step solution for Importing Data of Masters and Vouchers from Tally to MS Excel in a structured format for Performing Analysis in Excel of DA software in a few clicks
  • Export from Tally to MS Excel Simplified!

Why use T-CAAT Pro?

  • Supplement Simplicity of Tally With Power Of Data Analytics Of MS Excel in a structured format!
  • Extract Data of Masters, Vouchers, Registers & Reports From Tally to MS Excel!
  • Generate Various types of Reports and Summaries Useful for Audit/MIS in MS Excel from Tally Data in a Few Clicks!
  • Perform further analysis as required using MS Excel or Data Analytics Software with the data exported in structured format.

Key Features of T-CAAT Pro

Profile Data


Displays master info from Tally of company, accounting, inventory, cost centre, compliances & payroll and ready-made queries for specific master info.


Displays transactions of accounting based on selected criteria, ledger vouchers, cash and bank transactions and master data of accounting from Tally.


Displays inventory transactions and master data from Tally.
Cost Centre

Cost Centre

Displays cost centre transactions and master data including category-wise, ledgerwise and cost centre-wise breakup reports from Tally.


Displays information from Registers of Sales, Purchase and Journal.

Comparison of T-CAAT Pro & Ent

SINo Panels/Menus Primarily Used For Pro Ent
1 Configure, Docs & Profile Configure, Docs and profile Tally Data 04 12
2 Accounting Extract Vouchers/Masters & Perform Queries 10 22
3 Inventory, CC & Payroll Extract Vouchers/Masters: Inventory, CC & Payroll 15 21
4 Reports & Tools Extract Sales, Purchase & Other Reports 13 16
5 Analyse Extract Reports of Summaries, Compliances, Exceptions,... NA 17
Total 42 88
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