eCAAT Ent is a composite software which has more than 380 functions covering Data Analytics, BI and Utilities (time-savers while using MS Excel). The functions enhance the power of MS Excel.

What is eCAAT Ent?

  • Comprehensive Solution to Curate, Profile, Analyse, Investigate, Document and Enhance Power of Excel and Perform Dynamic Data Analytics & BI of Data in MS Excel in a few clicks!
  • Provide Assurance/Trust by using Technology with CAATs or Data Analytics.

Why use eCAAT Ent?

  • Add-in to MS Excel Software Easy to use and Simple to Learn.
  • Look & Feel of MS Excel with Power of Database.
  • Powerful Data Analytics with 350 Functions, Specially Designed for CA and their teams.
  • Perform Complex Analysis in a few clicks with auto documentation.
  • Comprehensive tool to audit 100% of the data And Empower your audit staff at affordable cost.
  • Do more in less time by enhancing your productivity And Perform analysis to draw inference and insight.
  • Grow professionally empowered by technology And Power to process complex files quickly with a few clicks.

Key Features of eCAAT Ent

Curate Data

Curate Data

Transform data in a standard structure to be usable for data analysis as required to ensure that data is formatted & purified for use in data analytics.
Profile Data

Profile Data

Analyse the data to get an overall perspective of data. Validate data at a macro level to assess whether the data is correct and complete.
Analyse Data

Analyse Data

Examine the data in details to discover essential features by breaking data into specific components by Grouping, Identifying & Reviewing.
Investigate Data

Investigate Data

Observe or query the data in details through: Systematic examination, Make a detailed inquiry or search And Discover facts & insights to arrive at a conclusion.


Provides functions to join, append or compare data in two worksheets on specific criteria. It also has functions for 3-way matching & consolidate columns.


Extract specific samples from the population based on specified criteria.


Provides unique functions which complement and enhance the use of Excel and are great time-savers.


Documentation refers to recording critical steps of data analytics. The functions in this panel help document the steps used during data analytics.


Tools provides functions to rerun tasks performed, perform last, performed task and Search & Run specific functions.

Benefits of eCAAT Ent

  • Enhance your skills and Tools with increase productivity of your Time.
  • Grow your Professional Team and Esteem And Accelerate your Income earning capability.
  • Develop empowering Reach And Gain recognition as a thought Leader.

Comparison of eCAAT Ent & Pro

SINo Panels/Menus Primarily Used For Ent Pro
1 Curate Excel Enhancers/Time Savers 71 28
2 Profile Data Analytics/FI 43 17
3 Analyse/Sampling Data Analytics/FI 72 41
4 Investigate/Relate/Templates Business Intelligence/MIS/FI 101 41
5 Documents Documentation 19 10
6 Utilities Excel Enhancers/Time Savers 68 12
7 Tools Excel Enhancers/Time Savers 22 03
Total 396 152
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