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WinCAAT Suite of Software

WinCAAT Suite of Software is a suite of two software with unique and powerful features combined as a single offering with additional discount. The Wincaat suite of software includes the following combo offerings:

  1. T-eCAAT Ent (includes T-CAAT Ent and eCAAT Ent)
  2. T-eCAAT Pro (includes T-CAAT Pro and eCAAT Pro)

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eCAAT Suite of Software

eCAAT Suite of Software are an add-in Software to MS Excel which facilitate Data Analytics and BI in a few clicks. The functions enhance the power of MS Excel. eCAAT has the ease of use of MS Excel but the power of Database. It has most of the key functionalities available in more expensive Data Analysis software. eCAAT is designed with the simplicity of MS Excel but with the perspective of analysis required for Data Analysis and Business Intelligence. Although built with simple interface which has the look and feel of MS excel, it has very powerful features useful for auditors.

Using eCAAT requires exporting the required data from ERP systems or from any type of information system. This data is imported and opened in MS Excel. Any data which can be opened using MS Excel has to be structured in a table format and then it can be analyzed by using any of the eCAAT functions. The user does not have to know macros or learn time-consuming and expensive data analysis software. eCAAT empowers the user by providing powerful functions by simple select and click functions.

eCAAT Suite of Software can be used by Auditors, CXOs or fraud investigators as it is packaged with all the features of both Data Analysis and Business Intelligence. They are an excellent replacement for expensive Data Analysis and Business Intelligence software. eCAAT helps you in providing value addition in very quick time. The seamless integration of data in MS Excel and eCAAT empowers users to provide value as a knowledge worker.

eCAAT Suite of Software can be used not only for auditing any data from most of the familiar application software but also for generating BI/MIS on the fly. The suite includes specific BI solutions, Automated Data Analytics Solutions and a Software exclusively to enhance power of Excel.

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T-CAAT Suite of Software

Tally is most extensively used software in India. It has various functions for generating multiple types of reports on the fly. However, getting data directly from Tally into MS Excel for further analysis is a big challenge due to formatting issues as the data exported is not in a structured format which is amenable for analysis using Excel. Further, exporting data from Tally takes time and the data after exporting to Excel has to be formatted for performing further analysis in Excel.

T-CAAT suite of Solutions are add-In Software to MS Excel that facilitates Importing Data of Masters, Transactions and Reports from Tally to MS Excel in a structured format in a few clicks so that the data imported in Excel can used for further analysis using the features of MS Excel or any Data Analytics Software. T-CAAT solutions empower users to perform Data Analytics using T-CAAT/MS Excel thus saving time and enhancing productivity.

T-CAAT Solutions provide faster extraction of information from Tally as reports are directly extracted through query and xml for required/specified data. The functions executed are automatically documented in excel log and activities log. T-CAAT Solutions also provide option to link workbook with specific company for future printing/reference. The functions performed can be rerun or re-performed as required.

T-CAAT Suite of Software are designed to enhance productivity and help CA/CXOs to provide better assurance and facilitate analysis of Tally data as per requirements. The T-CAAT Suite includes T-CAAT Ent version which has specific assurance functions, T-CAAT Pro version designed only to exports masters/transactions and Auto T-CAAT version which automates export of selected masters/transactions in one go.

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SoftCAAT Suite of Software

SoftCAAT Suite of Software are an all-purpose standalone application that have been designed with an assurance/analytics perspective in mind. SoftCAAT Solutions can be used to access, analyse and interrogate data from multiple files/ formats. They are built with the simplicity of a Spreadsheet Software but with the power of a database of Access and SQL as per specific versions.

SoftCAAT Suite of Software are engineered with the right features and functionality for Audit/BI. They are designed from audit perspective by auditors and for auditing. They are built in the familiar Windows GUI platform with extensive Audit/BI functionality. The ease of use and simplicity with which one can learn SoftCAAT makes it an invaluable component of Audit/BI-KIT (Knowledge Inference Tool). These features empower auditors to not only to meet the challenges of auditing technology from diverse IT environments but also create new avenues of assurance and consulting.

SoftCAAT has a host of best-of-breed features specially designed for data access, investigation and analysis which can be used not only for assurance, compliance, and consulting but also for generating BI/MIS on the fly. SoftCAAT Suite of Software are designed to enhance productivity and help CA/CXOs to provide better assurance and value addition to their clients. The suite includes not only Audit Software but also specific BI solutions in Access and SQL versions.

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