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SoftCAAT Suite of Software

SoftCAAT Suite of Software are an all-purpose standalone application that have been designed with an assurance/analytics perspective in mind. SoftCAAT Solutions can be used to access, analyse and interrogate data from multiple files/ formats. They are built with the simplicity of a Spreadsheet Software but with the power of a database of Access and SQL as per specific versions.

SoftCAAT Suite of Software are engineered with the right features and functionality for Audit/BI. They are designed from audit perspective by auditors and for auditing. They are built in the familiar Windows GUI platform with extensive Audit/BI functionality. The ease of use and simplicity with which one can learn SoftCAAT makes it an invaluable component of Audit/BI-KIT (Knowledge Inference Tool). These features empower auditors to not only to meet the challenges of auditing technology from diverse IT environments but also create new avenues of assurance and consulting.

SoftCAAT has a host of best-of-breed features specially designed for data access, investigation and analysis which can be used not only for assurance, compliance, and consulting but also for generating BI/MIS on the fly. SoftCAAT Suite of Software are designed to enhance productivity and help CA/CXOs to provide better assurance and value addition to their clients. The suite includes not only Audit Software but also specific BI solutions in Access and SQL versions.

The list of software belonging to the SoftCAAT Suite are given below. You can see specific details of each of the software on the product page of our website.

SoftCAAT Cloud Version is expected to be available shortly and can be used both as Single User and Multi-User Version.

SoftCAAT Suite -List of Software

SoftCAAT Ent
  SoftCAAT Ent  

SoftCAAT Pro
  SoftCAAT Pro  

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