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SoftCAAT is an all-purpose standalone application that has been designed with an assurance perspective in mind. It can be used to access, analyse and interrogate data from multiple files/ formats. It has the simplicity of a Spreadsheet software and the power of a database.


SoftCAAT is engineered with the right features and functionality for audit. It is designed from an audit perspective by auditors and for auditing. It is built in the familiar Windows GUI platform with extensive audit functionality. The ease of use and simplicity with which one can learn SoftCAAT makes it an invaluable component of the audit-KIT (Knowledge Inference Tool). These features empower auditors to not only to meet the challenges of auditing technology from diverse IT environments  but also create new avenues of assurance and consulting. SoftCAAT has a host of best-of-breed features specially designed for data access, investigation and analysis which make it imperative for auditors to use it in auditing in a Technology environment.

SoftCAAT is available in multiple flavours and platforms.

  1. SoftCAAT Lite
  2. SoftCAAT Lite is designed to work on older computer systems with minimum hardware and software. SoftCAAT Lite can work on Windows XP systems and above. It is ideally suited for processing data of up to one lakh transactions.

  3. SoftCAAT
  4. SoftCAAT is designed to work on modern computer systems with commonly used hardware and software. SoftCAAT can work on Windows 7 and above. It is ideally suited for processing data of up to five lakh transactions

  5. SoftCAAT Pro
  6. SoftCAAT is designed to work on latest computer systems with computer hardware with icore processor and software. SoftCAAT can work on Windows 7 and above. It is ideally suited for processing data of up to ten lakh transactions.

  7. SoftCAAT Multi-User
  8. SoftCAAT Multi-user is designed to work on client server environment facilitating centralised access and sharing of work done. It is ideally suited to work with computer hardware with latest icore processor and Windows 7 and above on the client and Windows 2008 on the server. There is no limitation on number of transactions which can be processed on the server.

Why use audIT Software?

Auditors: Internal or External (General or IS) primarily provide assurance to their clients. Although in a dynamic IT environment, the type of business processes and mechanism of their execution are dramatically different, the scope and objectives of audit do not change. However, the challenge for auditors is to keep on evolving their methodology with changing technology. There have been very few affordable IT solutions available for auditors to assist them in auditing an IT environment and even these solutions are expensive and beyond  the reach of most auditors. Hence, auditors had to still rely on manual methods for providing assurance.

Wincer is pleased to offer SoftCAAT, audit software designed to enhance audit productivity and help auditors in providing better assurance and value addition to their clients.


Why SoftCAAT?

  1. Align audIT with IT and Business of AudITee and improve audit effectiveness
  2. Use technology to enhance audit productivity and reduce dependence on manual audit procedures
  3. Manage audIT risks effectively and efficiently and provide better assurance
  4. Enhance audit performance and productivity and provide value addition by effective use of IT

Overview of Key Features

  • Import Audit data from any source including Spreadsheets, Text files, Tally,  or directly from any Database.
  • Export Audit results to formats such as Text, MS Excel, HTML and MS Access
  • Protect your audit files using User-Specific Passwords
  • View exhtensive Statistical details and MIS Reports.
  • Analyse audit data using Mathematical/Statistical methods such as Benfords Law, Sampling, Aging Analysis etc.
  • Narrow down to exceptional transactions using Sort and Filter functions
  • Classify and Summarize data dynamically as required
  • Identify Duplicates on single or multiple fields
  • 100 % verification of computations
  • 100 % analysis of data to verify Control / Compliances
  • Maintain audit Documentation and re-perform audit task automatically
  • Maintain automatic log of tests performed.

Sample Listing of Key Features

   Sl No            Best of Breed Feature                                                  List Of Key Features
1 Rich in functionality
  • Auditee-wise database
  • Multiple audits for each Auditee
  • Integrity of data imported
  • Security for tables imported
  • User access controls for each table
  • Importing of files, Database, Spreadsheet, ASCII, SDF, Tally, Print, etc
  • Export to MS Access, or any database or text format
  • Statistical and Mathematical Computations
  • Different types of Mathematical and Statistical analysis of data
  • Printing of reports\export reports to MS office
  • Graphical analysis through charts and pivot table
  • Filter data on the fly with right click
  • Sort data on double-click
  • Statistics of column with single-click on column name
  • Drill down and analyse data to the required level
  • Email audit data on the fly
2 High in quality
  • User friendly
  • Extensively tested - robust
  • Built on windows platform
  • Helps comply with CAAT guidelines
  • Designed by auditors for audit to audit
3 Interoperability
  • Data is transferable from different MS office products
  • Import from most database and text formats
4 Flexible
  • Import data from any database, ASCII, Text, SDF, print formats
  • Works on any Windows OS
  • Perform same function in different ways like sort by double click on column or perform multiple sort by using menu option
5 Networking
  • Single user works on any Windows PC in stand-alone or in network. Import/Export files over a network
6 Modular
  • Capable to integrate with different application software
7 Best practices
  • CAAT standards of ISACA and ICAI Guidelines considered in design and development including practical experience of team
8 Rapid implementation
  • Simple installation within 5 minutes
  • Ready-made templates and audit tests
9 Scalability
  • Able to handle any volume of data
10 Security
  • Each of the files can be secured through user-specified password
11 Portability
  • Upgradeable to Corporate edition (SQL Version).
12 Easy to use
  • General Usability Items
13 International
  • Multi-lingual utility in pipeline
14 Cost-effective
  • Very attractive price
15 Support
  • User friendly online help features and Easily usable reader manual
16 Information Access
  • Define MIS, Statistics Reports, Audit notes, audit logs, executive summary
17 Support and Training
  • Free upgrade, maintenance and telephonic support for 1 year from date of purchase
  • Installation and training available at nominal cost

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