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GST-CAAT Flow Process
Highly useful for Audit and Accounting professionals, CXOs, Compliance Managers,….
Supplement Simplicity of Tally with power of Data Analytics of MS Excel
Extract Data of Masters, Vouchers, Registers/Reports from Tally to MS Excel
Extract Data of Masters, Vouchers of GST from Tally to MS Excel
Export Registers/Reports of GST from Tally into MS Excel in a Structured format
Perform matching of Sales/Purchases from Tally Data/other Software with corresponding Sales/Purchases from GST Portal/Excel worksheets and Identify Matches or Mis-Matches based on specific criteria of GSTIN/Invoice No. Date/Amount as required.
Perform further analysis as required using MS Excel or Data Analytics Software with the data exported in structured format.
Available both as Single User and Multi User (Install on Server and access from Desktop/Laptop)

Comparison based on Panels/Menus/Functions
Sl. Tabs Primarily No. of Functions
No. Panels/Menus Used For TC-Ent GSTC
1 Configure, Docs & Profile Configure, Docs and profile Tally Data 12 11
2 Accounting, Inventory, CC, Payroll Extract Vouchers/Masters from various modules 43 13
3 Reports & Tools Extract Vouchers/Masters: Inventory, CC & Payroll 17 12
4 GST Matching & Reports Extract GST Masters/Vouchers, Perform GST Matching NA 9
5 Analyse Extract Reports of Scrutiny,Exceptions, Summaries.. 14 6
Total 86 51
Note: Some of Panels/Menus may be Re-arranged/Renamed in the Software

Comparison based on Features
Sl. Features Primary No. of Functions
No. Types Benefits TC-Ent GSTC
1 Configure, Docs and Profile Configure, Docs and profile Tally Data 12 11
2 Masters & Vouchers Export Masters & Vouchers/Reports as required 59 25
3 GST Matching & Reports Extract GST Masters/Vouchers,Perform GST Matching NA 9
4 Analyse Export Audit info/statistics from Tally 15 6
Total 86 51
Note: Many of the functions could be used for multiple purposes. For example. The same function could be used for DA or BI/MIS or even as utility to analyse data. However the above grouping is most possible use.

Overview of Key Features of GST-CAAT: Data Analytics Software for Tally           

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