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FAQ on Pricing

  1. What are modes of payment available for purchase of software?
    The software selected by user for Free trial is offered by the company at their sole discretion. The company may refuse the request for providing free trial without assigning any reason.

  2. What is the pricing of the software?
    You can view the specific prices applicable for each of the product categories in “Buy or Renew” page of our website. The prices shown are excluding GST and additional 18% GST will be charged on the prices as applicable

  3. What are the charges for online payment?
    The charges for online payment will be borne by us and not charged to you.

  4. How will I know that amount is received by you?
    You will get an automated email from the service provider and from us which will be followed by processing of order.

  5. How much time does it take to process the order?
    If the customer order is correctly filled up with all the details, we will process the order and email the details within 24 hours. Generally, our standard time for processing the order is: for orders received till 3 pm, they will processed within 7 pm of same day and for orders received after 7 pm, the orders will be processed within 3 pm of next working day.

  6. How will the software be delivered to us?
    Once payment is received and we have your complete order details, you will get an email with the link to download the Software, Serial Key and Step by Step Guidelines for Activation of the software.

  7. After placing the order, can I cancel it?
    Cancellation of orders may be considered only in case of purchases where the software is not activated, or purchase is made by the customers by mistake. However, the Company may at its sole discretion consider the cancellation in other cases and may refund in part or full.

  8. Can I get a refund if the software does not meet my requirements?
    We offer two types of Software.
    1. Software License as a product
    2. Customised Software developed as per requirements.

    1. In the case of Software License as a product, the order for software once ordered/paid cannot be cancelled. Software once sold cannot be returned to claim refund. Hence, please ensure that the software meets your requirements by proper evaluation using a free trial version and also by looking at the demo videos and details of the software.
    2. In the case of Customised Software developed as per requirements, the purchase order terms will dictate the refund policy. Typically, this will involve advance payment followed by payment in instalments based on specified deliverables and terms. If advance has been paid and the company has not yet started the development, then customers can seek refund within 15 days. Further, if the software does not meet the requirements, then the customer can seek a refund of the amount paid and based on the terms of the agreement, the amount will be refunded.

  9. How do you ensure privacy of information shared?
    Please read our detailed privacy policy available at: Privacy policy. We strongly believe in protecting your privacy and we adhere to the privacy policy guidelines as per regulatory requirements. For purpose of normal operation of our services, we use your personal information provided by you such as name, address, e-mail, GSTIN and phone numbers for internal purpose such as accounting, regulatory filings and also for regular communication with you.

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