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We Welcome you to Associate with us to Revolutionise How Power of Digital Data is Harnessed with Insightful Analytics.

Our associates include Trainers, Consultants, Implementers and Partners who are trained in our solution offerings and offer various services depending on their chosen area of expertise. Our associates believe in our core philosophy of harnessing the power of technology to add value. They are subject matter experts with domain knowledge in their specific area and blended with the right skill-sets of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence.

Our associates have gone through rigorous process of selection and have undergone extensive training. They are trained to identify and understand your specific requirements. They will recommend the right solution which works for you. They can hand-hold you in implementing the solutions through the different phases right from selection to implementation so as to optimise value for your investment of time and money.

Our Associates, Domain Experts, Trainers and Partners have special expertise in using our solution offerings as they have used and demonstrated their expertise to us as per our accreditation scheme. We forward inquiries received for training, consulting or implementation from specific clients to our accredited experts from your area. The fees to be charged for these assignments would be decided between the client and the expert depending on the time/rate of fees mutually agreed.

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