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Wincer Infotech Limited

Why Wincer

We are a proud Indian company providing global products and solutions in the innovative area of Data Analytics/BI.


Vision & Mission

To provide innovative IT empowerment products and solutions that analyse and infer insights from information to provide better assurance with greater assurance.

Wincer Infotech Limited provides Technological Tools, Techniques and Training that enhances the effectiveness of CAs, CXOs, Auditors, Fraud or Forensics Investigators in serving their enterprises and clients.


Global Leading Solution Provider in Data Analytics for Empowering Professionals to realise potential by Applying Thought to Technology.


Revolutionize Assurance, Compliance and Consulting Services by Providing Powerful Tools & Techniques for Performing Data Analytics, BI and AI.

  1. Power of Technology to Provide Value Addition through IT-Enabled Service offerings.
  2. Subject Matter Expertise and Domain Knowledge to Provide Existing and Innovative Services.
  3. Professional Potential to Provide Value Addition as Knowledge Workers and be more Effective and Productive.


With Innovative Software Solutions, We Empower CAs & CXOs to Harness:


We believe in adding value by providing easy to learn, simple to use, functionality rich and cost-effective software solutions, which empowers CAs, CXOs, Auditors, Fraud or Forensics Investigators to enhance their professional productivity and add value.

Wincer has a team of CAs, IT and domain experts with blend of audit, IT, and IS audit experience of more than 100 man-years and development team with experience of more than 25 man-years.

Why should you use WinCAAT Solutions?

We are on the road to revolutionising how Technology is used for Data Analytics and BI. We empower CAs to harness the power of Technology to provide value addition through IT-enabled services whether it is in Governance,  Risk, Compliance, Assurance, Security, Control, Consulting, Training or implementation services. We empower CAs to harness their subject matter expertise and domain knowledge to create innovative avenues using our software solutions. We empower CXOs to realise their full potential to provide value addition as knowledge workers. We provide the right Tools and Techniques for Fraud/Forensic Investigations. All our solution offerings are a reflectioin of this mission, vision and the values.

Are you ready to use the power of IT for DA/BI?

Here are a few questions for your introspection:

  • Can you trust your current knowledge and skill-sets to propel you in your career?
  • Are you harnessing the power of software solutions to become more efficient and effective?
  • Are you an empowered knowledge worker who is skilled to use technology?

We believe in empowering you with the right solutions so that you can drill down into any data, apply your domain expertise to gather actionable insights for your clients/enterprises.

If you would like to how you can use our Software Solutions and services to become part of the emerging data analytics revolutions, we invite you to join us as a user, customer, trainer, consultant, implementer or domain expert.

The Wincer Way

Wincer provides Software Solutions for the DigITal AudITor. Our quality policy aims to provides Best of Breed Features of Automated solutions for AudITors. Our core quality principles in building our software solutions and services are:

  • Rich in functionality
  • High in quality
  • Flexible
  • Modular
  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to use
  • Security
  • Portability
  • Adapt global Best Practices
  • Globally accepted standards of quality
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Efficient Information Access
  • Effective Support and Training

Standards, Frameworks and Guidelines

Information technology requires a standard framework/guidelines to bring the required transformation uniformly. We believe in using structured processes with a standard framework/guidelines issued by global professional institutes.

We believe in using Industry Best Practices, Standards, Framework and Guidelines. Our software has been designed and developed using best practices and standards. We use and also promote their usage in all areas of our solutions and services.

Our research team studies standards and guidelines issued by professional bodies and apply them for use internally as also in our trainings. We are listing some of the prominent ones here:

Professional Associations:

  1. Information Systems Audit and Control Association.
  2. Institute of Internal Auditors
  3. Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
  4. Project management Institute
  5. Quality Assurance international
  6. International Federation of Accountants
  7. International Accounting Standards Board
  8. American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  9. Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

Some of the key standards, guidelines and frameworks used by us:

  1. SDLC methodology for software development
  2. Agile development methodology
  3. PRINCE (project management methodology)
  4. Balanced Scorecard
  5. COSO
  6. COBIT 5 publications
  7. ISO 27001
  8. IT Assurance Framework
  9. Standards and guidelines issued by professional bodies
  10. ISO 9000 documentation process


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