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eCAAT is an add-in to MS Excel which enables you to perform audit-centric tests with the click of a button! An easy-use-to-use interface and a comprehensive collection of Data Analytics/ BI functions designed from assurance perspective breaks the myth of complex and expensive Data Analytics software. eCAAT is the most indispensable software for Auditors, CXOs and Fraud Investigators.


eCAAT is an Add-in to MS Excel which has the ease of use of MS Excel but the power of Database. It has most of the key functionalities available in more expensive Data Analysis software. eCAAT is designed with the simplicity of MS Excel but with the perspective of analysis required for Data Analysis and Business Intelligence. Although built with simple interface which has the look and feel of MS excel, it has very powerful features useful for auditors. eCAAT has more than 150 functions specially designed with Assurance and Data Analysis perspective.

eCAAT can be used for auditing any data from most of the familiar pplication software. Using eCAAT requires exporting the required data from ERP systems or from any type of information system. This data is imported and opened in MS Excel.  Any data which can be opened using MS Excel has to be structured in a table format and then it can be analyzed by using any of the eCAAT functions.

The user does not have to know macros or learn time-consuming and expensive data analysis software. eCAAT empowers the user by providing powerful functions by simple select and click functions.

Learning eCAAT does not take much time as it has the same interface and works like and inside excel. The Data Analysis done through eCAAT can be further enhanced with graphical capabilities of MS Excel.

eCAAT can be used by Auditors, CXOs or fraud investigators as it is packaged with all the features of both Data Analysis and Business Intelligence. It is an excellent replacement for expensive Data Analysis and Business Intelligence software.

eCAAT helps you in providing value addition in very quick time. The seamless integration of data in MS Excel and eCAAT empowers you to provide value as a knowledge worker.

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