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WTMS (Work & Task Management Software) is an application that facilitates task management from the planning stages to performing and monitoring.


Work and Task Management Software help enterprises  and professionals to manage the complete life cycle of work including setting the objectives, timelines, planning, breaking down into tasks and sub tasks with timelines and assigning responsibility for execution. Specific categories of work can be created with detailed listing of tasks and sub-tasks and these can be managed by assigning it to specific task to monitor completion on timely basis.

WTMS can be used for planning, executing and monitoring all the tasks through complete life cycle of the work.

Key features of WTMS are:

  1. Set Task objectives, timelines and deliverables.
  2. Create sub-tasks for each of the tasks and add timelines
  3. Assign responsibility for performing task.
  4. Enter details of tasks performed.
  5. Monitor performance of work and evaluate efficiency.
  6. Plan, perform and execute work as per plan.
  7. Dashboard for monitoring status of all tasks at different stages
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