CA. KS Rao, Visakhapatnam

CA. K.Nilakanthan, Chennai

CA. Jitendra Barve, Pune

I am a regular user of tool eCAATs and my experience is that the tool provides all possible functionalities for a CA while analyzing data in quick and accurate manner. This has helped me in completing my assignments quickly and also in gathering audit evidences effectively

CA Rujuta Damle, Pune

Few days ago I installed e-CAAT and started applying the same when on audit assignments. I am not yet fully conversant with the software. However, I found that it has got utility value while watching the video clip. It will definitely aid professionals like us especially in our internal audit assignments.

CA E.Narasimhan, Bangalore

e-Caat simplifies audit procedures and helps professionals spend good time in analyzing the data, thereby making the audit more qualitative. A must use tool for better analytics.

CA. M S Mehta, Sahranpur

The product eCAAT is cutting edge, easy to use and has plenty of options and features for Data Analysis and forensic Audit.

CA M.Venkatesan, Chennai

CA K.Ramakrishna Prabhu, Mangalore

CA T.P.S.Easwaran, Bangalore